Waterproof Tooth and Claw Resistive Displays For Industrial Purposes

29 Apr

A waterproof touchscreen computer screen will save you a lot of trouble and expense, should you accidentally drop or clean your computer screen with water. The majority of touchscreen computer monitors are not waterproof and should not be used to access files on your computer. There are several manufacturers that make screen protectors that you can use with your computer if it has a non-waterproof screen. These protectors have grooves and various sizes to keep your screen from being damaged by liquid and often come in small and large sizes to fit any sized computer monitor.

Waterproof touchscreen computer monitors are made and designed to be used in the most severe outdoor conditions. Consumer grade technologies can work fine in most standard indoor environments, including desks or workstations, but if used outdoors, they could easily be destroyed or damaged when repeatedly exposed to the elements. A high quality, rugged series of digital displays will last a very long time. However, there are times when you may need a waterproof display for specific types of environments, like for your rugged PC computer systems, which tend to get wet and leaky on a regular basis.

Many of the rugged digital display technologies are specifically designed for use outdoors because they have special coatings that resist damage from water, wind, or any other liquid. Some examples of these technologies include the Corning Gorilla Glass Series and the Impact series. Corning Gorilla glass has special features like an anti-reflective coating. This coating helps to reduce glare from shiny surfaces, which will reduce eye strain while working in these types of environments. Impact Series provides high DPI performance in anti-glare and scratch resistant environments. They also feature a rigid backlit keyboard to help prevent eyestrain while performing a wide variety of tasks.

When it comes to everyday wear and tear, many people are more concerned about the ruggedness of the screen and the safety of the built in keyboard. Many people in industries such as the healthcare field and the construction industry will use these types of displays in their work stations. Because these monitors are made from a thicker glass, they are not only more durable but offer greater accuracy for touch input. Most industrial purposes for these kinds of monitors can typically withstand extended use in all environments, although there are some applications where the extended life may be limited.

There are other technologies, besides the glass displays, that are used for industrial applications in rugged, outdoor applications. One of these technologies is Liquid Crystal Display technology. This technology uses a variety of substrates to project images onto a larger screen. Because LCDs are available in a wider range of color depths, including RGB colors, these displays can be implemented in a wide variety of industrial settings. This allows manufacturers and designers to create more dynamic displays that are better suited to their needs. Learn more about waterproof touch screen PCs and their service.

Another solution is a type of LCD screen that is made from a material called glass bridge. This material features a layer of a high-pressure refrigerant gas between two tempered glass panels. When humidity is present, or even when temperatures rise above freezing point, this gas glass bridge allows liquid crystal display to stay within the display even when the temperature falls below freezing. These screens feature special anti-glare and low reflectance properties that further enhance their durability and reliability in highly visible environments. In addition, the resistance to scratching, and abrasion, of this type of glass offer greater long term performance and durability than most of the competition.

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