How to Clean a Washdown Computer System

29 Apr

What is a washdown computer system? It is a PC or laptop computer that has been designed to have a set of built in washdown filters. The washdown filters clean the inside of the computer much like a washing machine does the inside of your clothes. While a computer wears out the inside it makes the computer more susceptible to becoming damaged through dirt build up inside. Once your computer starts showing signs of wear, you want to replace it so you do not have to worry about your computer becoming useless.

So what is the process of a washdown computer system? A computer system without any washdown filters will become clogged and will make your computer run very slowly. The reason why the washdown filters are needed is to help the computer run much smoother. To begin with the computer is placed on a table or other surface where there is plenty of air flow.

While your computer is on a table you will connect it to the power source. Next you will disconnect the power from the computer system. The computer system now needs to cool off. To help the cooling system of your computer you can use a heat sink connected to your CPU. This is something that I recommend for a new purchase as you may have no idea how to go about setting it up. You can also use fans to speed up the cooling process, see more of Premio's washdown computers.

Once the computer is cool you will disconnect the fans and connect the washdown filters. The washdown filters will help you eliminate all of the dust and lint that can build up on your computer. The filters then need to be attached to your computer motherboard. After the washdown filters are connected you will put your computer back together. Make sure to follow the directions that came with your computer or you can buy an instructional manual online.

Once you have completed your installation and cleaning of your computer, you should reboot it to see if your changes were successful. If they were then you should be all set. If they were not then you will need to clean the computer more thoroughly. You can use a cleaner to help get rid of any remaining dirt or dust. Be careful not to damage any internal components of your computer.

There are a number of different washdown computer systems available on the market today. A good thing to do before deciding which washdown system you want to use on your computer is to look at the different options that are available. Find one that suits your needs the best. Remember to always test out your computer system after you have cleaned it. That is the best way to make sure that you are pleased with your purchase.

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